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Why Agentmaker?

Growing up in my dad’s real estate brokerage, I was surrounded by the industry from a young age. Real estate was in my blood. But as time passed, the industry lost the respect of consumers and was filled with untrained and unethical agents looking for quick deals and fast cash. The National Association of Realtors’ Danger Report in 2015 highlighted the many challenges and risks facing the industry, including a knowledge gap that threatens its credibility. I knew I had to be a part of the solution. With 20 years of experience and being involved in thousands of transactions, I took my decades of knowledge and condensed it into intensive, step-by-step training sessions, determined to help others navigate the path I had walked.

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Practical, tactical training

Agent Maker is a training platform designed to increase the competency of residential real estate agents. Our training focuses on practical, tactical, and actionable plans that increase your capacity to add more value to others. You will learn to build a structured business that increases your number of clients, enhance the client experience, and predictably make more money.  

By avoiding the tendency of operating your business with random focus and haphazard effort, we will equip you to run your business with efficiency, predictably, and scale. 

We look forward to partnering with you to build a meaningful career.

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The problems agents face

  • Too many agents and not enough transactions to be successful. 
  • Most agents don’t run their business like a business owner. There are no residuals or exit strategy from your business. Agent’s focus on transactions and immediate relationships rather than building a company that is sellable, scaleable, leverage-able, with recurring revenue streams into perpetuity. 
  • There are many different functions to being an agent and it is hard to be great at everything. Agents have little to no leverage through people and processes from their brokerage. It’s on the agent to build systems and processes and to hire, train, and manage support staff.
  • If you are a serious professional your market share is being eroded by inexperienced, uncommitted, untrained, part time, newly licensed agents because of the low barriers of entry to the industry.
  • You are paid by your connections not your competency. Because of this reality, it becomes difficult to increase your revenue as your expertise and professionalism increases. Most clients make a decision about who will represent them based on who they would feel guilty not using. Therefore you must have the strongest connection at the time they make a decision to move. 
  • Commissions commoditize agents. Agents who have more experience and more competency are compensated the same way as agents who are inexperienced, untrained, and part time.
  • The more you grow your business, the less freedom you have.

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  • Resource you with tools, assets, systems, and processes to maximize your capabilities
  • Scale your business to get more clients and have greater impact in their lives
  • Equip you frameworks to lead your team to higher achievements 
  • Help you think differently, challenge conventional wisdom, and experience breakthrough
  • Increase your ability to generate more revenue through additional services to your clients
  • Invite you to join an inspiring community of agents who add value to you
  • Unlock your earning potential by focusing your strengths on dollar productive activities. 
  • Give you a clear business strategy that focuses your efforts on building a great business

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  • Agents Makers make their own way in business; they aren’t waiting around to take a hand out. They wake up unemployed every day. They don’t need a guarantee of a salary because they are trailblazing entrepreneurs who are hard working, self-reliant, motivated, and driven. It doesn’t matter what the market, the competition, the interest rate, or what the client does; because great agents will always find a way to win.
  • Makers are disciplined, structured, systematic in building durable businesses that have enduring value. They set high standards for themselves and have deep resolve to achieve their goals. They have a deep sense of pride in what they are building. 
  • Makers are leaders not followers. They ideate, innovate, and create the future of the real estate industry.
  • Makers create their own luck, define their destiny, and are fueled by a burning desire for greatness. They understand that greatness is achieved by serving many. 
  • Makers make a decision to be a force for good. They have accepted personal responsibility to become their best to make a positive impact on their family, their work, and their community.
  • Makers have a servant’s heart and deliver amazing customer experiences. They achieve success by building careers that contribute massive value to their clients.
  • Makers are humble, open to feedback and perspective, and have a teachable spirit. They are growth minded and committed to constant and never ending improvement.

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We Believe

  • We believe we are measured by what we give, not what we take.
  • We believe in the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • We believe innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers.
  • We believe in challenging tradition by creating new ideas that build a better future.
  • We believe the best real estate agents are the most competent, the most connected, and create the most value for their clients. 
  • We believe when you demonstrate value the market will recognize and promote you.
  • We believe cost is only a problem in the absence of value.
  • We believe if you don’t add massive value then you don’t deserve massive success.
  • We believe if you take more than you give then your success will be short lived.
  • People over Profit
  • Character over Commission  
  • Creativity over Conformity
  • Faith over Fear
  • Community over Independence

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Our Non-Profit Partner

Every Scout closing helps build a home for family in a developing country.

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