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Why Attend?

Real Deal Experience: Learn the ropes from Jonathan Harris, a real estate pro with 20+ years under his belt.

No-Nonsense Tools: Get your hands on our game-changing Lead Mastery Manual and Agent Maker Quarterly Planner.

Connect & Collaborate: Rub shoulders with fellow agents and industry bigwigs, setting the stage for partnerships that pay off.


What You'll Learn

Dive into a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of real estate success. From building a solid business plan and nurturing your client database to effective marketing and financial planning, get practical, actionable insights straight from a seasoned pro, Jonathan Harris. This is your blueprint to thrive in the real estate world.

What You'll Learn

The Essentials Unpacked

Craft a comprehensive business plan that serves as a roadmap to your real estate success. Understand the importance of having a structured approach to your business and how to implement it effectively.

Dive deep into the significance of a well-maintained database. Learn techniques to build, nurture, and leverage your database to maximize client engagement and drive consistent business.

Design an optimal schedule that ensures you’re productive without feeling overwhelmed. Discover the framework that helps produce consistent results week after week.

Master the art of communication. Develop a systematic approach to engage with your database, ensuring you maintain strong relationships with your clients and prospects.

Equip yourself with tools that measure your efforts and keep you on track. Understand the metrics that matter and how to analyze them for continuous improvement.

Set clear goals and chart out a path to achieve them. Whether it’s for the year, three years, or five years, learn how to plan effectively and ensure you’re always moving forward.

Unravel the secrets of effective marketing. From engaging your database to targeting B2B prospects and maximizing listing visibility, get insights into comprehensive marketing strategies.

Define and solidify your brand’s presence in the market. Learn how to be seen, perceived, and experienced in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Deliver exceptional service to both buyers and sellers. Understand the journey of your clients and create a detailed checklist to support them from start to finish.

Establish a robust financial structure for your business. From managing earnings and expenses to planning for taxes and potential hires, ensure you’re always in control of your finances.

About the Speaker

Meet Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris, the brain behind Agent Maker, has dedicated two decades to the real estate industry. His vast experience, coupled with his passion for coaching, has transformed the careers of hundreds of agents. At Lead Mastery Live, Jonathan will distill his years of knowledge, offering attendees a chance to learn from his successes and avoid common pitfalls.

Jonathan Harris - Agent Maker